Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oh, how our garden grows! 3

Frank's been taking more lovely pics of our garden. I must say, that because of his photography, this site has come out much better than I could have hoped for. I try taking the pictures, but I never use them, his just have more "soul" than the ones I take.

This is a Christmas Cactus flower that just bloomed a few days ago. They only last for a day or two, so I watch them with anticipation for when they will open. The flower is quite big, about the span of my hand outstretched. Frank's Mom, Mali planted it and it seems to be doing well, but I think I will move it to a sunnier location.

Beautiful Onion Blossom. Probably a common yellow onion that Frank planted. Whenever I compost an old onion, Frank saves them and tries to grow them. One of our many "orphans" around the garden that we decided to keep. I love the big pom-pom type flower. It reminds me of how artichokes have those big, beautiful blooms from such a thorny start. I need to grow some, next season!

Young zucchini and blossoms. I need to try cooking the blossoms some time!

I plant a lot of lettuce in the garden for two reasons. First, we eat a lot of lettuce, and second, as a living mulch. They keep the ground cooler for our other plants and make the garden look very lush. Only problem is we can't eat them fast enough so they get kind of big. This one reminds me of a green fireworks explosion! Boom!


vickie said...

Wonderful hearing about your roots a bit. thanks for the lettuce tip, i grew only a little pot of lettuce this year and KNOW i need to do LOTS more next summer or heck even this summer.

MOre garden pics please!!!!

Kimmie said...

Hi Vickie!!

These pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS (Frank is awesome!). It was really great meeting the both of you at Diana's b-day party. I was so thrilled to check the blog today to find all your new postings! They're wonderful! These garden pictures blew me away--especially the bloom of the cactus flower!

xoxo Kimmie

Kimmie said...


Sorry for addressing Vickie instead of you, I spaced after reading her comment! I meant to say hi to you and Frank...my sincerest apologies!